Their Parents


CW Parents
CW holds general meeting for parents and monthly workshops for mothers and for fathers separately to allow for open conversation about the challenges they face at home, and to learn ways to communicate to deter domestic violence. We aim to help each group better understand the value of their daughters, manage some of the problems and communications in their families through healthy problem solving.

We also provide education on the relationship between good nutrition and healthy bodies.

More than half of Chicuchas Wasi School parents are Illiterate and unschooled, especially mothers. Realizing the high number of illiterate mothers this year, our teachers have created a Saturday literacy class for mothers that our teachers have volunteered to teach.

CW requires parents to be involved in the school activities and the education of their daughters. Without their support and co-operation our success would be diminished.


Parents are interviewed to determine if family qualifies for enrollment to CW school for underserved girls. Financial need is a priority.


Teacher discusses CW school expectations of parents.


Teacher organizes room mothers for a grade level.


A teacher explains CW school activities and that parent participation is a requirement for their daughters to attend the CW school.


Teacher explains to mothers what is expected of the family for their daughters to be accepted to the CW school.

Parents meeting

Parent meeting to explain to parents, whose daughters are attending school for the first time, how CW school operates and the activities and meetings required during the school year.

Mothers workshop

Monthly mothers meeting to discuss concerns and issues they are facing at home or with the school.

Fathers workshop

Fathers meeting to discuss issues that pertain to the men of the family and CW school. This meeting is conducted by a male so the communication is gender specific.

IMG_7527 More helpers to prepare and plant food for the meal program.


Parents fixing road to schoolParent willing jump in to help fix the CW road access to the school after heavy rain destroyed it.

IMG_4363Parents and family members come to meet at the school to find out how they can help. They will also meet in their daughter’s classroom to learn about events and project planned for 2016.

IMG0437Parents participate proudly in a cultural celebration of Cusco with traditional costumes and dance to support their daughters.


IMG_4101Room mothers strut their cooking skills of local foods in competition with other  room mothers for nearby community members to purchase to buy needed items for their daughter’s classroom. The tents are loaned by Coca Cola or local Beer for these events.

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Image 45Image 39

Image 37

Room mothers dancing and cooking at a CW cultural event.

Image 53



Parents organized themselves and appeared with pick and shovel to prepare and plant potatoes and vegetables and take advantage of El Nino rains. This food will help put nutritious food in their daughters bellies.