A woman’s courageous adventure to the Andes, inspires decades of change

Intro: “A disheveled and desperate young woman, worn out and old well beyond her years approached me on a Cusco street holding out to me her swaddled newborn. She was offering her tiny baby to me, speaking softly in Quechua, her mother tongue and I didn’t understand one word. But I understood and felt her heartbreak too well, a mother myself. I silently thanked my creator for my blessings. Her eyes were clouded and too dark— dead eyes under a furrowed brow. She was beyond tragic in her desperate cry for help. Her dilemma broke my heart and it changed my life then and there. I did not and could not take her baby, but I could do something to help the thousands of abandoned kids living on the streets of Cusco. “

In 1986, a California nurse made a life-changing decision that would take her away from her rural Wine-Country, California lifestyle, her loved ones and support community to the fascinating and mysterious ancient Inca Empire surrounded by majestic Andean mountains and a vibrant blend of Quechua indigenous and Mestizo culture of the Andean City of Cusco, Peru.

One year earlier during an adventurous Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu and the three days she walked on the actual trail of the Incas, is where this tale begins to unfold. Mesmerized by the unimaginable patchwork-quilt-like blanket of cultivated landscapes, amazing big night sky and the strange and inexplicable emotions she felt, she returned again to explore the profound effect this magical land had on her. She began to meet the neglected and discarded children surviving alone. The many vulnerable young children she witnessed abandoned to live by their wits on the streets of Cusco stole her heart and she knew there was a reason she was drawn back. She had no idea how, but only knew she would do something to help them. She believed one person mattered and could make a difference.

From an emergency shelter for children living on the streets to a K-6 special school for ignored girls, Chicuchas Wasi has been dedicated to serving the children most in need and giving them the tools to thrive in life for 32 years.

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“JUMP ON THE LOVE TRAIN…many hearts await you.

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Jump on the Love Train…. Many hearts await you.   Author Rae Lewis RN

Book reviewed by Betty Woods RN

In 1985 the train of life took Rae Lewis on a unique journey….an inner transformation in the way of looking at the world and a deep connection, summoning her to share the burden of the poor and unwanted who touched her heart living on the streets of Cusco, Peru.

Rae took a leap of faith and let herself to be led into what some labeled as absurd, strange, outrageous, but she dismissed these doubters believing that faith in her spiritual journey had to be taken. Once the door was open, she chose to accept the many challenges involved believing her journey through space and time would succeed. Therefore, off she went on an adventure to a different life in a different country with the faith that her dream would survive.

Chicuchas Wasi (Children’s Home) was born as a home for abandoned, abused street children in Cusco, Peru and progressed to become a free school, K-6, for 126 poor, indigenous girls who otherwise would not be educated or given the opportunity to have a better life.

Jump on the Love Trainwill introduce you to Rae, her incredible journey, Chicuchas Wasi, the wonders of Peru, the schoolgirls who make the journey worthwhile, and the wonderful Peruvian staff who make it all work in Cusco. The adventure that is Chicuchas Wasi has thrived for 32 years with many challenges and struggles, happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, and with generosity and love from many.

The book is testimony to Rae following her heart and her outrageous dream, and through persistence, incredible hard work and a great deal of faith made Chicuchas Wasi succeed.

It is an invitation to others to allow themselves to be led by faith and to welcome and accept whatever summons them to service