CW Teachers


Key Staff and Responsibilities:


Administrator/Director/Teacher: Ruth Milagros   Uribe Barrios

Assistant Director/Teacher: Gloria Socorro

Teaching and support staff
Psychologist 24/7 :          Dr. Alejandro
Teacher – 4th grade:        Karen T.
Teacher – 2nd grade:         Elizabeth
Teacher – 3rd grade:        Yessica Mamani
Secretary:                           Yony
Teacher – 6th grade:         Giovanna
Teacher – 1st grade             Yessica Pamela
Teacher – 5th grade:                    Haide
Teacher – 4 y/o Kindergarten:   Rosa
Teacher – 5 y/o Kindergarten      Luz

Administrator/Director/Teacher:   Ruth Milagros Uribe Barrios
Assistant Director/Teacher:    Gloria Socorro

Support Staff
Cook:                              Maritza Zapata Flores
Assistant Cook:            Zaida
School Bus Chofer:      Simeon Curo Yucra
Security:                        Ignacia Chilca Mamani


Ruth Uribe Administrator/Director of CW School for Girls

Ruth, a Peruvian teacher, born, raised and educated in Cusco, joined CW Shelter in 1989. She had intimate knowledge of the abandoned children living on the streets of Cusco due to her years of volunteer work beginning as a teenager for the Catholic free meal program for hungry children. With that knowledge and her experience as a primary grade teacher before joining CW in 1989, Ruth created the Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls that we have today. Ruth is passionate about educating CW girls and is the driving force behind the school’s success since 1997.

Why do you like your school?

“Because it is my dream. And It is where I have the opportunity to teach these girls to be better women and better people.”

Is there one word (or phrase) to describe why you love your education or your school?

“It is the only way to have positive CHANGE in this country.”

Haide Lenes Fanola
Teaching Experience: 8 years
Chicuchas Wasi School: 3 years
Teaches 2nd grade

Why do you work for Chicuchas Wasi?

Everyone needs to work to live, however it is gratifying to be a part of the CW organization responsible for the education of at-risk girls who are economically disadvantaged, plus the emotional support we give them and that they need so much.

For me this a peaceful space to work, with a director so committed to her social work, and with my colleagues who understand the benefits of our part, educating girls, who are the reason of our existence in the organization.

Why are  you still working in the organization?

For many reasons:
•     For the girls who are a joy to me every morning with their antics, occurrences, with everything they do.
•     For the harmony that exists in the workplace.
•     For the experience that I achieve every day in this way to educate.
•     And because of a director who listens, who is a friend, who ignores our nonsense many times and for giving us some good advice.

Laura Penalva Sumiri
Teaching Experience: 11 years
Primary grade Teacher: 8 years
Teacher of Pedagogy in Superior Institute: 1 year
In the area of coordination and education: 2 years
Chicuchas Wasi School: 3 years
Teaches 3rd grade

Why do you work for Chicuchas Wasi?

Because I like to deepen my profession as a teacher. The Foundation is an institution which not only gives me the opportunity to work, but also to develop myself and grow as a person, helping and giving my best to our dear girls. Another important reason is my reason for living – my son.

Why are you still working in the organization?

I continue to work and I would like continue working with the CW organization because I feel happy, contented and peaceful teaching and above all giving love and affection that these girls need so much.

Another important reason is because the organization has a fraternal working atmosphere among all the people who work there, we are like a family, especially our Director Ruth, who is a mentor to us.

Yone Yesenia Sucno Maza
Work experience: 10 years
Years with CW school organization: 2 years, School Secretary

Why do you work in the CW organization?

Originally because of economic necessity and then I was enjoying the form of work performance throughout the organization, more with the treatment by the Director who is so loving and charismatic toward girls, teachers and staff in general.

Why are you still working in the CW organization?

I like to give back what I learn every day from the Director, she gives me the confidence to deal with my responsibilities at work. She is the person I admire a lot, by her way of being and joy that she carries every day despite the responsibilities she has. She also teaches all personnel, with love, that things will go well and always looks after the welfare of girls, teachers and staff in general.”

Yuly Zuloaga Rojas
Teaching Experience: 12 Years
CW School: 2 years
Teaches 5th grade

Why do you work in the Organization?

I work in the Foundation because I have two important and vital motives, which are my daughters, Fatima and Lucia, with the money I earn, I maintain them and educate them.”

Why are you still working in the CW organization?

I would like to continue working here for several reasons, the main ones are: the little girls need love and attention, good working environment, and an excellent administrator who allows me to develop freely and autonomously.

Mirium Flores Teran
Teaches 6th grade

Why do you work in the CW organization?

I am working in Chicuchas Wasi organization to deepen my skills as a teacher of 6th grade.

Why are you still working in the CW organization?

Being part of the Foundation is a joy because it is not just a job but a family, I thank God and life for giving me this wonderful opportunity because here I learn a lot, and I also learn to grow as a person.

IMG_3622-M-1Aydeé Zuniga Tunque

Teaches 4th Grade

Why do you like to teach at CW School?

Because there is tranquility and the atmosphere is cozy (human and infrastructure), and our headmaster treats us with kindness.”

Is there one word (or phrase) to describe why you love your education or your school?


RITARita Baca Silva

Teaches 5 y/o Kindergarten

“Hello, my name is Rita and I teach at Chicuchas Wasi. This is my fourth year working for the foundation. The hand of God brought me here. I was delighted to meet professor Ruth, the Director, for the work she does is really giving and of service for all these girls; they need love more than anything and they often do not find it in their homes; so I felt the contagious enthusiasm and this manner of educating girls, applying the pedagogical part together with the values, where LOVE is the key part; that’s what makes the DIFFERENCE.”

“I am from an area closer to the jungle,”City of Eternal Summer” is what they call my Quillabamba. I am asked often why I’m not working in my town where my family lives, where everything would be much easier, etc. I say in reply: Schools are many, but not one like as Chicuchas Wasi. For that reason I’m happy and I’m proud to be part of this educational family, where I also learned, still learn and keep learning a lot. I thank God for bringing me here and professor Ruth for giving me the opportunity to continue to share extraordinary experiences that each new day enrich my life and make me a better person and therefore better professional.”


Gloria Socorro Vera Barrios

Teaches 4 y/o Kindergarten – Assistant Administrator/Director and part of the Chicuchas Wasi team since 1997

“I felt that there was something I needed to fill a void in my life. I asked the Divine Mother to guide my way when suddenly Ruth contacted me. She told me the CW mission and invited me to participate in the beautiful loving family; without hesitation I knew that CW was my destiny and I fell in love with the idea. At first it was very difficult; people did not trust us with their daughters to start kindergarten in a room of the house in Cusco. I remember very well that in the mornings the room was a classroom and in the afternoon we piled desks to one side of the room and turned it back into a family dining room. Those years were difficult because we did not have much of a budget, but we believed in a beautiful dream, that our CW school would be different. Our personal experience of having studied in a public school was that we were just another number in the list of students and teachers were focused on academics and nothing more. We understood that quality education was important, but there was no concern for the emotional health of students – this is how it still is with public education in my country. In order to make a difference we understood that comprehensive education was important and needed, and combining academics and an improved positive emotional state would prepare girls to be intelligent women, confident that they are capable of making good decisions. I identify with many of our girls, motherless at a very young age, hoping that in school they will find a loving maternal person – never found in our public schools. CW school is in sharp contrast; Ruth says that our girls not only look to us as teachers, but we are also like second mothers to give them the love that they might not have in their homes – they respond like loving daughters and we are so well rewarded. I have no children yet, but when people ask me I tell them we have 110 daughters and I am very proud of them. Ruth taught me to love what we do and if God and our Divine Mother will let me, I want to continue until the end. Thank you for allowing this beautiful dream to continue to grow”.