CW Leadership


Chicuchas Wasi Board of Directors – 2017


President/Founder: Rae Lewis, RN – Retired Kaiser Permanente Nurse, Chicuchas Wasi Active Volunteer 30 years and lived in Peru project-10 years

Vice-President: To be filled

Secretary: Betty Woods, RN, FNP, MSN – Californa Board of Registered Nursing – Advanced Practice Member, Jewish Community Free Clinic Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Treasurer: Isabel D. Craft, BS -Accountant for Finance Dept. for Petaluma City, Analy High School Education Foundation Volunteer, Multilingual: English, Spanish, German

Board Members :
Mary Salfi, BS, Retired Executive Assistant – Catholic Charities, Retired Research Assistant – UCSF, Catholic Charities Volunteer
Rosa Lewis, BSN, RN – Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Somos Amigos Volunteer in Dominican Republic

Director Emeritus: Terry McDonald – Graphic Designer


President: Ruth Uribe Barrios, BA, Administrator/Director CW School for Girls, Cusco, Peru. Certified Professional Teacher

Vice President: Gloria Socorro, Assistant Director, CW School for Girls Certified Professional Teacher

Treasurer: Rossana Vera Alarcon, PhD Biologist, International Environmental Consultant

Board Members : 

•Efrain Valles Morales, Graduate of Professional Institute and Tour Operator since 2002
Member of Chicuchas Wasi Community for 28 years
CW ambassador and mentor for girls school
First Place Winner – Wanderlust’s World Guide Awards at the Royal London Geographic Society

Rae Lewis, RN – California Board of Directors